Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dollar Tree Framed Letters

These are old projects but I thought i would add them for anyone interested. 

I bought Dollar Tree frames and mats (4 mats to a pack) and painted the frame and mats coordinating colors. I also bought 1 pack of dollar tree scrapbook paper and it was enough for these frames. I ordered these letters online for pretty cheap or if you have a skill saw you can just cut them out yourself. Hobby lobby and walmart have little packs of letters for pretty cheap too but at the time I was set on a certain font that they just didn't carry. Then I just stuck the Dollar Tree scrapbook paper to the frame backing with tape. painted the letters to coordinate the frame and tacky glued the letter to the backing that has the scrapbook paper. Then I put my letter in the frame- No Glass. I also bought my ribbon here on Julian's frame from the dollar tree but it took a few packs because there isn't a lot of length to the dollar tree ribbon so pay attention to that when purchasing.

For Boaz's frame I used hobby lobby letters and a pack of Walmart ribbon- they sell pack of like 8 different coordinating pieces and they were all the perfect length to tie to the back of these frames. I also used Hobby Lobby scrapbook paper for Boaz's because I loved Julian's but when I went back to get more for coordinating projects they didn't carry it anymore, so if you plan to do more stuff with the paper remember to buy all you need or buy from somewhere that is consistent with the products that they carry.

Happy Crafting!

Love from Alabama!

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