Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DIY canvas prints!

I originally saw this on Pintrest pinned from Sarah's never ending projects
 And I loved the idea. She gives directions on her page and they are super great but if you're interested in my thoughts here they are:

I started this project not really believing that it would turn out so well, but it turned out great! It is definitely a measure twice cut once sort of thing though so if your going to do this make sure you cut out a block of time with no distractions otherwise you will be frustrated, not get the project completed, and be a grump-a-lump and nobody wants that. Start once you have the time and patience, I promise the patience is worth it.

1) I put one layer of tissue paper around photo paper cut with an extra 1/2 an inch around the and taped it with four pieces on the back just like gift wrapping. Why did I use photo paper? It's stronger than regular printer paper and the tape easily pulls off of it with no tearing. The ink will go through though so don't use your last piece!
2) I used the rear loader to load the paper that way it wouldn't have to bend and risk tearing the paper. If you have a rear loader available when you go to print select printer properties. Under the quick set up tab you have the option of selecting your "paper source" "rear tray" is what you want to select.
3) I used Microsoft publisher to make a blank page the exact size of my canvases (8x10 $5 for the pack of 2 at walmart). That way when it printed I would have a line I could easily follow while cutting. I also changed the pictures to sepia (I think I tried black and white first and didn't like how it looked with my real canvas wedding pic so I changed it.)

4) After it came out of the printer I cut exactly around the pictures. Then I did a very thin layer of modge podge on the canvas. No lumps or bubbles! This is where you have to be very careful! When you lay your picture on it start from the top and line up your of the picture perfectly. gently fold it onto the canvas. You can't move it around and adjust because the ink smears in the modge podge black and white pictures will become blue all over very quickly! Even if you get it perfect it may look funky and you may become discouraged but let it dry and it will look great. Keep that patience going!

5) Once that is fully dry carefully modge podge a layer on top.  don't go from dark areas to light areas with the same brush you may smear. For example I went over all the black parts gently with a brush-cleaned and dried it and then did the white areas. Let dry and voila!

I actually think the tissue paper texture is really unique looking and while I did it because I can't afford to buy my pictures printed on canvases, I think it comes off more artistic and unique looking than the budget project it really is.

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