Monday, November 14, 2011

Awesome homemade toddler size bubbles for potty training

So we are potty training Julian right now and to our surprise no candy treat would motivate him. I would say "good job Julian! Do you want an m&m?" 
He would say "No ma'am."

To my delight our pediatrician gave us an awesome handout on potty training that mentioned letting the kids pick their potty treats at the store. I took Julian and while I don't think he understood what the treats were for he saw some bubbles at the dollar tree and freaked out. I thought okay that's your treat.
The bubbles were giant super bubbles though and we had so many problems with him wanting to hold the bubbles and then he would accidentally spill them. I knew there had to be something Julian sized for him.

In the celebration isle where they have all the wedding shower and baby shower stuff at the dollar tree they have packs of like 12 of those (obviously for $1) little bottles that you blow at weddings. So I bought those and they were great. He actually improved on fine motor development with his little hands meticulously holding the wand so he could blow his bubbles. It was great. I've met 4 year olds who still don't know how to blow bubbles. and if he spilled them on accident it was such a small amount it was no biggie. although I try to keep him off the carpet with them still.

When the bubbles ran out I just filled the bottle 1/2 way up with dawn shook like a 1/4 teaspoon of sugar in there and filled it up to the lower ring the cap clicks into with water to leave some room for shakin'. I also decided to pull off the little white bows that were on the bubbles. and use a sharpie to write some motivational quotes or drawings to personalize them for him. They look way more boyish that way. If/when I have more time I would probably print off some cute designs onto paper and just "laminate" it with some scotch tape and wrap it around to make them look even cuter. Until then these are great little motivators right now. I put them in a decorated bag and tied them within sight just above the toilet with a big hounds tooth bow.

Roll Tide, Alabama

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