Tuesday, November 8, 2011

$3 Wreath no glue/stapples/adhesive required

Dollar tree money at it's best. In the floral/craft department they usually have wicker or styrofoam wreath rings. In the christmas section they have 15 ft pine garlands and also packs of Christmas "spray" (chich is the twigs and berries.) I bought these three things and wrapped the garland around the ring. It fit perfectly and it has wire in it so no glue or stapling necessary. Then I took the spray which came on a cardoard backing with two twisty ties- took it off the cardboard backing BUT KEPT THE TWISTY TIES and twisty tied them on to the wire part of the garland. I kept it simple for November but when December rolls around I'm going to change it up and add some bells, which they also sell at the dollar tree.

If you want to splurge and make this a $4 craft- I also bought the wreath hanger from the Dollar Tree; it's right next to the garland.

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