Wednesday, November 9, 2011

$3 frame project

Ha! Lately all of my projects have been coming in 3. $3 that is. These are dollar tree document frames. (You'll eventually start to notice how much I love the dollar tree.) I just bought and painted to coordinate with my wall art. I might add some cool embellishments like paper flowers later but for now I will just sit and think on these. Do you like them?

 I Tried to pick really cool pictures that I had a lot of scenery or filled the entire 8.5 x 11 space. If you just print from Windows live photo gallery you have the option of printing to fill the whole page and yes, ma'am that is what I did.
 I tried to match the most dramatic picture colors with the frame colors to make the pictures pop. like my sons eyes in the blue frame. In the gold frames. i worked hard to find some pics with gold in them and I even highlighted those areas a teeny tiny bit with a soft brush. Can you tell I did that or was it worth it? Also does it make it look cute or corny? I did it on the bubbles in the picture with my son but i tool the picture with some odd lighting so its hard to tell.
 I did some other picks for the opposing side of the couch so I guess I'm up to $6 now. If you need to buy paint mine was a dollar a bottle but I've used it for other stuff too. I bought mine from Walmart.

If you like it find some cool family pics and get to framin'!
Loves from Bama!

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