Thursday, November 24, 2011

1' x 1' glass tile necklaces

Okay, I saw this on a pintrest post from a blog from another blog. I want to give credit where credit is due so it looks like it started from the Etsy shop CandyTiles2 . you can click the link and it will take you there. But basically it's a 1' x 1' glass tile that you stick a picture to and it always turns out cute! The lady at the Etsy store sells the kit and has a tutorial on how to do it but I just wanted to share what I did with it. It's the prefect Christmas gift idea!

I got a stack of free books from our local salvation army and used some of the pages for people who enjoyed reading that genre of book. This, for example, is the first sentence of Wuthering Heights made for My hubby Kent's Nana who loves and majored in literature.

And this is for Kent's engineer sister and momma. (Yes they are all into the geekery at his house.)

This is such a fun project you start to realize how many 1"x 1"pieces of art there are just hiding around your house. This owl came out of the background of a pbk catalog. Can't afford anything in it but I can use the magazine. Ha!

I saw some of what I thought was the same thing at Walmart but with a frame around it so I bought a pack of 3 for $2 and used them for the black and white pictures below, but the slides were plastic and pretty scratched up and the metal was a little flimsy. If I had it to do over again I would stick with the candy tiles. But still pretty right?

This is so much fun to do and would be great as a craft at little girls birthday parties or girfts for teachers or babysitters. I let my son color a picture for his baby sitter and I cut a square of it and made it into a memorable necklace. More pictures to come!

Love from Alabama!

 Ps. Here are some more pictures for more ideas:


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