Tuesday, May 24, 2011

meet Alabama

Well, I already made several posts to this blog but somehow it's displaying none. Nothing. It's like all my thoughts never happened. I figure its God's sovereignty sparing you from all of my selfish, diluted, vapid rantings. So here we go all over again. I was deleted but not defeated. :)

I am from Western Washington state and I now reside in Tuscaloosa, AL. Yes, if you watch the news, the home to 13 time national champions the Crimson Tide. Roll Tide! And also where a devastating Tornado just ripped through the middle of town leaving what looks to be a war zone in its wake

The ESPN commercial is very true in that "Roll Tide" is used to convey just about any emotion while also leaving a sense of unity and connection with other Alabamians. The only time its Taboo- If your in Auburn territory, then I guess it's "War Eagle" although I wouldn't admit to knowing any on-going-ons of the Auburn fans.

My posts will hopefully just reflect my life in the South both from an outsiders perspective and also from what I hope is becoming an insiders perspective. I remember reflecting on Birmingham when I first moved here saying "Steam leaks through all the man holes in the city in 90 degree weather, people are loud and angry, it is ranked the 3rd most dangerous city in the US, and our Mayor is incarcerated for corruption, It truly is the vortex to Hell." Now don't get too offended southerners- my view has changed although I will always prefer Tuscaloosa to Birmingham, the south is not as bad as my first impression of it. In fact I'm very excited now that I got to meet Alabama.

Lots of southern love,

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