Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is this southern?

Okay, my husband is actually a born and raised southern man. I love it! However, one of the arguments (or as he chooses to call them "debates") that we often get into is if the phenomena that I am seeing is a "southern thing" or is just something I am starting to notice and is actually ubiquitous across the country. he claims most of the time it is everywhere and I usually claim that i have never seen these thins until i moved down here. So I will leave it to you readers to be the deciders of these all too common "debates." please weigh in your opinion so my view of southern culture is crystal clear.

Okay the first "Is this southern" starts today:

* I have seen an alarming number of stupid, stupid, stupid personalized license plates. I think instead of whatever people put on their vanity plate they should just put "moron" it would save them a lot of time. While I think there is sometime an opportunity for 7 characters worth of wit on the back of a car some people, nay, most people are just not funny. At a stop light every car around me will have a vanity plate of a sort. How many ways can you spell "caitlin" on a license plate? Tuscaloosa can tell you at least 4. Now I know your name and I can pretend like I know you and watch you pretend like you remember me. is that what you wanted? I'm pretty sure they tell you in 2nd grade not to have your name prominently displayed on possessions for that very reason. But no, when we grow up we're smarter that- said sarcastically as I remember c8lin in her red Miata Zipping around a semi with no turn signal...

Is it really worth the extra money so people know you're "FRSTY"?

I'm also accepting submissions of other stupid plates people see.

Okay people, is this southern??

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